Dr. Šukrija Krvavac

curriculum vitae


Born: 12.01.1939, (03.00 AM), Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, (Former Yugoslavia)

Elementary school and Gymnasium finished in Sarajevo.

1958-1964  Studying on Medical Faculty in Rijeka, University of Zagreb ,Croatia (former Yugoslavia). After passing the exam of physiology, I was  instructor  of Guyton's Medical physiology during 4 years.

During the course of Social Pediatrics 1966, I completed the education related to microscopic detection of the most common protozoan intestinal infections (Amoeba, Lamblia, and Trichomonas). I particularly practiced microscopy of the vitally stained smears with 1% Methyl Cresyl Violet in the saline solution, and also differentiating aflagellar pseudocystic forms of trichomonads, from the very similar leucocytes of all populations.

From 1966  to 1969, I was engaged with the Pediatric practice, at some towns in Bosnia, like Travnik, Gracanica and Fojnica, where often, because of lacking the Sweating test, I microscopied the pathological, spontaneously excreted child mucus from upper parts of respiratory tract, by coughing or sneezing, with the aim of an early Cystic Fibrosis detection.

In 1969, during my 6 months stay in Sweden under technical Interstate exchange, I unsuccessfully tried to join some sweedish scientific team, to research the Cystic Fibrosis pathogenesis.

After returning from Sweden  in 1970 after earlier application, I obtained a scholarship from the BiH Ministry of Health, to specialize Gynecology and Obstetrics.Although orthopedically handicapped from the early youth, I very successfully finished my specialist training 1974, at the Clinic of Gynecology and Obstetrics in Sarajevo.

Immediately in the beginning of my Gynecology practice, I noticed a strong resemblance of the dense, sticky and nontransparent mucus found with the cervicitis uteri chronica,with the chronic exacerbating catarrhal inflammation of the upper respiratory tract in preschool children.

I always practiced to take myself smear samples, and to color and microscopy them with the small  magnification, during examination of each patient, both in my pediatric and gynecologic practice later on.

In the first few minutes,after color adding,supravital staining, randomly spread leucocytes are visible  in the smears but in the traces of mucus,the circular or,depending on the direction of the mucus extension,the oval pseudocysts of trichomonad. Thence the name appearing in the older nomenclature,Trichomonas elongata instead of Trichomonas tenax in respiratory tract of children.

 During my pediatric practice from 1966 until 1969, I microscoped several hundreds  smears from children respiratory tract, and in the period from

1972 to 1994, working in a project of cervical cancer early detection in Public Health Women’s Care, tens of thousands of intracervical smears, with the chronic nonspecific cervicitis.

1994  during the War-siege of Sarajevo (1992.-1995)  I have stopped professional gynecological practice but continuing scientific work.